De généreux donateurs se mobilisent pour offrir du café joyeux dans les hôpitaux.
Pour que les professionnels de santé, nos héros du quotidien, puissent déguster quelques tasses de joie !

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    Thanks in advance! Your order contributes directly to the opening of new Happy Cafes and the recruitment of our teammates.

Sourcing and torrefaction

We select and roast our coffee with the Compagnie des Torréfacteurs, a collaborative and participatory roasting workshop based in Strasbourg that also employs people with disabilities. Specializing in the art of traditional roasting, Thomas and his team take into account the nature and origins of the grain to establish the most suitable roasting (color, density, humidity) and thus magnify the taste of coffee. Daniela, master roaster, who composed the three coffees of our tasting box, we are lucky, first because it is super nice, but also because it excels in his art.


All tasting boxes have been lovingly packaged by the Atelier de Jemmapes in Paris. This ESAT (Establishment and help-through-the-work service) exclusively employs employees with a disability, ie 132 people, 132 smiles, 132 pairs of socks, and 132 reasons to thank them.