N°2 - l’Extra-Ordinaire - 1 Kg - grains

  • Colombie, Brésil,
  • Vierge
  • 1 KG,


100% Arabica Round and soft as velvet, the Extra-Ordinary surprises you with its sweet freshness, woody and chocolate notes. A coffee that will undoubtedly bring back good childhood memories to you, and perhaps make you want to come and enjoy a cookie at Café Joyeux?

* Results of the “Référend'RHUM” launched from November 4, 2018 to January 4, 2019, during which our guests were invited to taste our three happy coffees and vote for their favorite. Café Joyeux number 2 received the most votes.


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Origins of our coffees

We offer you a high quality coffee. It is sustainably and authentically sourced, and meets quality criteria identified by specialists, thus classifying it as a "specialty" coffee.

  • Our sourceur travels the planet, no less than 18 countries, to unearth the finest coffees. He studies the geographical location of the plantation, the nature of the soil, the altitude, the sunshine, the climate but also the varieties and harvesting methods in order to guarantee the sensory qualities of the coffee.
  • We use the "picking" method to select by hand only the ripe cherries. It is a long and difficult method, which requires 4 to 8 passages per coffee tree. Depending on the fermentation and the quality of the drying, the coffee will develop different and particular aromatic profiles.
  • To elaborate our range of Cafés Joyeux, we work with a traditional roasting workshop in Strasbourg which works on different recipes called "blend". The blend allows us to better balance the aromatic palette of the coffee and thus to appeal to the tastes of the greatest number of people. All our recipes are created by a "Meilleure Ouvrière de France" (MOF).

All our coffees are roasted in France.


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